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Hair Care Tips:- My BIB Hair

by Alishia Blake

Prevent Snatch to the Back

The  word “SNATCH”, is being used by some as a compliment to describe someone fabulously put together.  It could be there clothes, makeup, hair, or whatever form of compliment one would like to give. However, I am going to use the word “SNATCH” as the action verb it was intended, a sudden effort to seize.  At BIB we don't want that seize to be your HAIR EDGES!   

Hair loss can be common for women who get hair weaves but hair loss can be prevented.

Here are some tips that can prevent hair loss.

A. It's recommended to get your install done by a professional stylist.

B. Shampoo your hair with sulfate free shampoo and condition hair with a deep conditioner before your installation.

C. The hairline is very fragile and Weaves could cause stress on the hair so make sure your foundation and installation isn't to tight.

  • Protect the Line.  Your hairline is made up of some of the most fragile hair on your head and once it is gone it may be difficult to grow back.  Always choose to leave a wide perimeter around your hairline that is not sewn or braided.
  • If you feel that a stylist is braiding too tightly, or adding to much weight to your  natural hair, say something! .

D. When removing installation make sure you take your time. Make sure you don't cut your own hair, don’t pull the thread out carelessly, and be patient taking out your foundation.

E. Once the install is removed comb all knots, tangles and loose hair out of your hair before shampooing. If this process isn't done your hair will knot during shampoo and will promote hair loss.

F: Give hair a break for at least 2 weeks in between installs.

Most important tip is If you treat your hair right it will treat you right.



Alishia Blake
Alishia Blake